Wednesday, December 15, 2021

And That Makes Nineteen!!

Real quick today -- one more FINISH thanks to the work of a local professional machine quilter!
This was an unfinished pattern model from my shop (laying around for 15+ years).  I chose the fabric and did the piecing, but I didn't do the applique work.  Chris did that and those of you who were customers know what a skilled seamstress she is!!
The large floral print in the alternate blocks and the wide border is gorgeous and if I keep this quilt it will be for that print!
The backing is pretty gorgeous, too!!
To keep the cost of the quilting reasonable I chose an overall pattern -- it was an instinctive choice, soft curves but not random looking.  I think it provides a nice contrast with the angular piecing while complementing the curves of the appliqued flowers and leaves.
This is the third quilt I sent out this year.  I'm glad I chose this method of finishing because I would have agonized too much over the "how to quilt" decisions.
Now it's finished and it's beautiful!!

In other news, I finished up two little doll cradle quilts so now I have three to go along with the refurbished doll cradle for a triplet Christmas gift.  The cradle was built by my father-in-law for my oldest (his first grandchild) and needed some TLC since I'm pretty sure the girls convinced their younger brother (the triplets' father) to lay in it one time too many.  Happily, a friend of mine who makes stringed instruments (think mandolins) took the repairs in hand and it's like new (with braces).

The upper left quilt (pink border) and the upper right (greens and rust) are retired teaching samples and the blue/yellow one is a mash-up of leftover step samples from teaching Storm at Sea.  The new mattress and pillows are done, now to make some "linens" -- sheets and pillowcases.
(And yes, the boy is getting a "stuffed animal" quilt so no one feels left out!)
Number 20 is under the needle and about to the halfway point -- trying for a before-Christmas finish!?!
Number 21 is layered and ready for a quick turn around.
I'm going to make it!!

Now go bake another batch of cookies!!

P.S. -- send cookies because I don't think I'll have time to bake my own!?!


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