Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Winding down the Summer

Summers pass along so quickly.
I've released most of the Monarch butterfly horde that have been eating my milkweed patch!
There are still a few left and I'll take on a few more during August and September to hopefully boost the migratory generation of these amazing creatures.  Seems like it should be a good year for the Monarchs -- I've released close to 70 and a friend has released over twice that many.
Hopefully, we are having a good impact! 
There was a big family gathering for 3 days at the beginning of August of my crew and my three siblings with their families.
We are spread out all over the US so it's rare for us to be all together at the same time and it was a happy weekend -- nice to gather for something other than a funeral! 
Upon returning home, I got back to work on my version of the Bernina ZenChic Triangle Sew Along quilt.  Earlier this week, it was ready to trim and bind.
Do you save these trimmings?
Typically, I do . . . . but not this time -- too often they just sit in that basket in the corner of the studio taunting me.
I spread the trimmed quilt out on the grass -- not sure I should admit that my only empty flat surface is the back lawn?!?  My quilting has left the edges a bit wobbly, so I decided to block it before adding the binding. 
That meant the patio needed to be swept -- hard empty flat surface. 
Then I spread out a clean sheet and put the quilt face down on it. 
I covered it with wet beach towels. 
And then stomped the moisture from the towels into the quilt.
At the end of the afternoon, I lifted off the towels and let the quilt lay for a few more hours to be sure it was completely dry. 
Yesterday morning, I bound it!! 
And here it is!!
I participated in this sew along to gain a better understanding of "modern" quilt design. 
Now it will be interesting to see how the experience impacts my quiltmaking going forward. 
Will my fabric selections get simpler?
It was also good to move completely through a finished quilt in less than a year!!
So that makes one goal for the third quarter of the 2018 Finish Along crossed off the list!
On to the next one!!
It's an ancient UFO!!


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  1. Very pretty "Modern" quilt you've finished. I am of two minds about Modern Quilts: I love how they look, but also like the "Old Fashioned" scrappy pieces I mostly end up making...yours turned out beautifully..hugs, Julierose

  2. It turned out great! That's an interesting way to block it. I've had a few I should have blocked. Now I'll know what to do - Mary's stomping method. Thank you for caring for those Monarchs - you are helping the environment.

  3. It's a lovely quilt and I guess it remains to be seen if your quilting will become more "modern" . An interesting way to block a quilt. I have not yet blocked a quilt.It sounds scary to me.

  4. I suspect you may be more like me. I so enjoy the detail of a quilt. My favorite quilts are both pieced and applique. I have completed two EPP quilts and have more in process. I am not drawn to easy quilts except for charity quilts. I love the complexity of some quilts and enjoy the process. Love your blog!

  5. This is really pretty - love all the cool colors. I haven't blocked quilts before, but know I should. Thanks for an easy way to block a quilt - this one sounds do-able to me!