Wednesday, August 1, 2018

That does it for July!

And here comes August!
I'm just back from a teaching trip to the Baltimore, Maryland area.  
I delivered my favorite lecture -- UFQ Assault Tactics on Thursday morning and then taught an all-day workshop Saturday with 12 participants who worked their way through a large scrappy string pieced 8-pointed star.
It's always fun to see these blocks -- this rainbow one is unique
And Maria, the workshop organizer, banged out a total of 48 diamonds for a 6 block quilt!  She wouldn't quit string piecing until her pile of strips was exhausted!!
I spent Friday exploring the Eastern Shore of Maryland along the Chesapeake Bay -- okay, I went birding.  No new birds, but there were lots of butterflies to distract me including this teasing red-spotted purple.  It stayed in the brush so I just keep clicking the camera hoping for at least one good shot!
I had a nice walk in the shade of a "tunnel" of Osage Orange trees down an old lane to a deserted ferry landing.  I was interested to see the color of the wood of a freshly cut fallen tree. A unique yellow-orange.
The path led out to the edge of the bay and I puttered around at the water's edge for a while watching osprey and eagles fish and enjoying the peace and quiet.
It was a hot day but the light at the end of the tunnel kept me moving back towards my car where a cold tea was waiting!!
I finished knitting my #beekeepercardigan on the trip.  Since it was a stash of yarn I inherited from my mother, I ran out so did a search for more yarn only to discover not only is the yarn discontinued, but the company that made it is gone, too.  Even a search for re-sellers failed.
So I punted with a very, very close substitute and did all the ribbed bands using it.  It's a slightly darker shade of ecru but it's looks okay to me since it's consistently used throughout the sweater.
I did the scary "first time ever" blocking by myself last evening!!!  It looks yellow because the tub is in the basement -- poor lighting. 
Fortunately, Marie, the designer has a good tutorial on her blog and after reading it several times, I forged ahead.  
Currently its spread out on the front porch drying -- seems okay, but I won't relax until it's completely dry and I can lift it up.
Marie Greene of Olive Knits is the designer and I love her approach to knitting a sweater -- no seams!!  You can find her patterns and blog HERE!
No sooner had I finished the sweater knitting than I cast on for a mystery scarf knit along -- it's on Ravelry -- the Crown Wools MKAL and the designer is Casapinka.  Since I'm using an assortment of sock yarn leftovers, it isn't really like starting a new project -- it's more like cleaning up the yarn box!?!
It's a six week project and I'm a little behind but I'll catch up by the end of this week! 
Most of the Monarch caterpillars we have became chrysalis while I was away.
I counted 54 -- next week should be fun releasing all of them!!
One more short trip for a family reunion this weekend and I can get back into the studio!!
I miss working at my machine every day!!

Hope your August gets off on the right foot!!



  1. Your sweater looks great. I really enjoyed your class on Saturday. I really ran out of steam by the end of the day and a couple of other things between me and finishing my star block but hope to get it done in the next few days. I didn't realize the monarchs went from chrysalis so quickly, That will be a fun release.

  2. Class on Saturday was great. I was exhausted that night. I finally remembered where all those background triangle and other pieces came from - a deceased friend - not one of my projects. What a relief to figure that out.

  3. I haven’t travelled much in the USA, but I know Baltimore. I was maid of honour at a friend’s wedding there.
    I like the subtle contrast in the ribbing on the cardi. That is definitely a design feature and not a mistake. It looks great, and I too prefer seamless projects. (I find it weird of myself that someone who sews so much does everything in her power to avoid sewing knitting. Glad I am not alone.)

  4. I am just reviewing what I made in that class (as I write a blog post) and I must say it was delightful fun. So nice to meet you in person after reading your blog for so long!

    :) Linda