Thursday, October 12, 2017

A New Project???

It's the otter's fault!
He sucked me into buying a fat quarter bundle of Down by The River by English designers, Lewis and Irene
And my new rule is to use the newest fabrics I purchase as soon as possible!!
So first I made a stack of pieces in my stash that "go with"!
And then, I found a project -- it's a Triangle Sew Along hosted on the Bernina blog by Brigitte Heitland -- Zen Chic!!  It's slow paced -- only need to make four of the current block and it's a modern quilt -- something I still find a bit baffling.
So I'm thinking that this sew along will help me understand some of the underlying principles of simple clean modern quilt layouts.
We'll see??

I can use Marti Michell's 60 degree ruler to cut all the pieces -- these are the first blocks!
And the second blocks -- only six!! 
I scattered them up on the design wall yesterday afternoon as I started cutting the pieces for the third set of blocks.  I think I like where this is going!!
Brigitte edited the post for the first block HERE based on a comment from a follower and shared an idea for stitching together a band of rectangles and then using the triangle ruler to cut the units.
I adapted that idea a bit for the third block by alternating 3" by 5" rectangles with 1 1/2" strips.
The ruler is centered on the 1 1/2" strips and a triangle unit is cut.
Then rotate the ruler 180 degrees and cut another -- very little waste, very efficient.
I had eight blocks in no time!
Back to the design wall for another preview!
There is a total of 12 different blocks which will be finished by the end of February.
It's an easy pace and it's so much fun to use some of the new stuff right away!!

Have a good weekend!!



  1. I'm baffled by modern quilts also. Interesting start, Mary.

  2. Beautiful fabrics and block, Mary. I think it is a great idea to try to use the new stuff first. I love my stash. I've gotten rid of anything that I don't like. I also enjoy making scrap quilts and seeing those oldies make them shine but sometimes I wonder when I will get to the new stuff I was so jazzed about at the fabric store. I'm not sure if I am rationalizing when I say it needs to marinate before I am ready to use it. There's no better feeling than pairing something brand new with classics from ye olde stash! Have fun with the Bernina project!

  3. Fabrics-oh so sweet! Sew smart to use the new first!

  4. I have been eyeing that Down by the River fabric line. I just have way too much fabric at already and am not ready to add to my stash. I am glad I get to see someone else doing such beautiful work with it. I am loving what I see.