Thursday, April 6, 2017

Long Time Gone FAL -- Scrappy Fun

One of the deals I made with myself when deciding to participate in the Long Time Gone FAL using Jen Kingwell's pattern was to use fabric that I already own!
And since there are lots of small pieces needed, starting every block in my strip boxes simplifies the "picking" fabrics process!
My palette is "colorful" and the fabric style is "simple prints".
Digging through the 2 1/2" strip box yielded this set of prints to start me off for the Square in a Square block (Week 2).
Two blues, two greens, and orange for the center.
Next I cut the background pieces from my stack of "text" prints -- so excited to be using those instead of just hoarding them!!  When working with Marti Michell's templates, it's important to trim off the tips of the triangles.  Skipping that step doesn't simplify the piecing.
I arrange the pieces as I cut to help the visual part of my brain move forward and select the remaining prints.  "Seeing it" works so much better and faster than trying to "visualize it"! 
Next I need small amounts for "star points" so I plucked an assortment of squares from the 2 1/2" basket -- 4 orange/yellows, 6 blues, and 6 greens.
I trimmed them down with the template to the size needed.  Working on a small mat (6" by 8") which can easily be rotated on top of my large mat makes the trimming step easy and quick.
When Marti shared this tip with me, it got me over the "I hate the trimming" bump. 
Once the stitching begins, it's easy to see the advantage of trimming those corners!
That triangle fits into place quickly and accurately (assuming you stitch a consistent 1/4" seam).
I had to work a little more slowly than usual to keep my fabric placement correct.  I love how square and consistent the "square in a square" units stitch up when cut with the templates.
Coming together nicely!!
And a finished block!! 
Crosses of the UK is the Week 3 block -- mine are cut out and in the production phase.
I love how the cheerful colors are looking with the text print backgrounds.
If you are interested in reading more about this FAL, go HERE to read Marti's introductory blogpost and/or HERE to read Angie's introductory blogpost. 
Keep on using up that fabric!!


  1. love your colors and that newsprint type background goes perfectly with those colors

  2. I love those text prints as backgrounds! (I've got a few, and keep having to overcome the urge to hoard them instead of using them!) Your bright colors are so much fun - I'm looking forward to seeing all your blocks as you progress with this quilt.
    I've got several Marti Michell templates, but none of the basic sets. After seeing your corner trimming, I'm really tempted now. Thanks!

  3. I love the cheerful colours with text prints too.