Monday, March 20, 2017


The seasons changed today -- spring is in the air here Northeast Ohio -- yeaaa!!
I've spent the last few hours organizing a new page for the blog!!
And I was playing around with the layout, too.
So if things look a bit different today, it's because my "tech" skills aren't quite up to my piecing skills.
(I'll be e-mailing my tech advisor right after this -- HELP!!!)

But now I'm too tired to write much of anything?!?

The new page -- (see the new tab up top?) -- is a collection of all my posts from last year as I followed Barbara Brackman's Morris Hexathon.  As I taught my Studying the Stars workshop this weekend, I realized it would be great for my students to have easy access to those posts to help them as they continue to work with 6-pointed stars and related hexagonal blocks.
And now that's done!!
I'm also adding the two-day
workshop to my teaching page -- if your guild or shop is looking for an intensive machine piecing introduction to 6-pointed stars, I'd love to talk with you! 

And since I had the blocks out for the setting experiments part of the workshop, I made a few new ones and will continue to add more blocks until I have enough to do a lap size quilt!
Just needed a break, I guess?!
I should make "keeping the studio in a state of chaos" to my list of goals because I started the Long Time Gone SAL based on Jen Kingwell's BOM Sunday evening!?! 
It's only one block a week???
Marti is blogging instructions to use her templates as part of the three blogger SAL. 
You can check her first post out HERE just in case you need another project???
I'm going to use my stash of "text prints" and scrappy brights!
If you aren't a Marti template enthusiast, there are two other bloggers posting alternative instructions and you can access them from Marti's first post.

I also went "duck hunting" for a couple hours earlier today so I can blame some of my tiredness on all that cold fresh air!  I'm up to 15 duck species seen so far this year -- still a few to go for a complete list of all the usual suspects!!

Look for signs of spring!!

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