Thursday, December 1, 2016

6's and 7's?!?

While the source of this expression which dates to the mid-1500's in England is not entirely clear, the meaning of the phrase in modern English is generally agreed to be "a state of confusion and disorder".  That state is where I found myself today.
I woke up at the leisurely hour of 8:15 and then puttered through much of the morning so that by 11:30 I could feel the frustration beginning to overwhelm me.
I know from experience that the "munchies" aren't far off and there's never anything to eat!!!
Time to take action and pull myself together!
It isn't that there is nothing to do around here.
The car needs to unloaded from yesterday's work session with my good deed quilting pals.
The back porch needs cleared off -- gardening is done so none of this stuff is going to be used for six months and if I leave it there much longer, I'll be annoyed when the first snow needs to be cleared off the porch. 
I still have three or four days of quilting left to do on this piece -- wish I could make up my mind about the design for the sashing.  Need to do more experimenting.
It would be good to plant these today while it's not raining!! 
There was some daydreaming on Pinterest and Ravelry until I had a stern conversation with myself about not needing any new project ideas at this particular moment.
Must do something productive!!
A brisk walk to the mail box and a green smoothie helped calm some of the agitation!
But I still needed to focus in on doing something.
It's December 1 -- time to take down the fall quilts and put up the winter quilts and some Christmas decorations.  Nah!!
Maybe some tidy up time in the studio? 
 That often helps so I tried that.  This box has been sitting on the cutting table for a couple months -- do I even know what is in it?
So that's where these scissors have been all this time!?!  And the glove . . . . and that spool of thread . . . . . . and the little square.  
In the process of putting the box and it's contents where they belong, I realized I had left this piece on my sewing table ready for some machine quilting.  It helps to make those decisions when my brain is calm.  So I sat down and went to work -- an hour went by and I made progress on this piece. 
I settled on writing this silly post because sometimes I forget that when I see all the lovely work the rest of you are accomplishing and how orderly your lives look, I forget that I'm looking at the highlights of your life and can't see the frustrations and hiccups you experience.  
Maybe you do the same? 
Perhaps today felt upside down because I was all at 7's and 6's?
With a little planning today,  I hope that tomorrow, they'll be back in the correct numeric order?
Make it a good weekend, folks!!
I did clear out the car and I'll clean off the porch first thing tomorrow morning (probably in the rain).


  1. Dodged the rain this morning and cleared off the porch and planted those bulbs!!

  2. I know the feeling, Mary. We did a push yesterday to get the holiday decorating done. I was dreading refactoring things for the new space but I got it almost all done. Tonight we will do the tree and the remainder.

  3. You guessed right - not often do we post our odd perambulations of a normal day. Lovely quilt at your machine, Mary. QAYG?

  4. This sounds like a perfectly normal weekend to me! I expect today (Saturday) to follow a similar pattern, especially as I am a bit tired after a late night last night (the first of the Christmas celebrations).
    I often have to have stern conversations with myself about not needing any new projects!

  5. Do you find that being at 6s and 7s will lead to better things soon? I dread to live thru those times but have come to look at them as a simmering of the creative processes which will come to boil soon and all will be revealed! One wanders around, picking up one thing then putting it down. Take up a task and then get side tracked into something equally uninspiring. Give it time. It is the cocoon to the butterfly.

  6. yes we are all the same.......highs and lows..........some things go smoothly and others not so smooth..........goodluck sorting things a big mess here at the moment that I am currently sorting also........