Thursday, November 17, 2016

Quilting, quilting, quilting

How many days left in 2016?
Not enough to get all the projects finished that I had hope to do.
But the 44 days that remain will allow me to make progress just the same.

My fellow "good deed" quilters and myself are pushing to finish a stack of children's quilts to be shared with young single parent families who are working hard to be improve their situations with the help of Laura's Home, a program of Cleveland's City Mission.
Here are some of the dozen we've finished so far!
There are two of these Disappearing 9-Patch quilts -- blocks someone gave to one of our members!
This little UFO of log cabin blocks is now ready for a toddler to snuggle. 
Isn't this going to make a little "purple" loving girl happy?
I can't believe this soft pastel piece turned out so lovely -- it had been malingering on my UFO shelves for far too long! 
We never get tired of creating these scrappy bargello pieces -- so versatile and always turn out cheerful in spite of what appears to be a pretty ugly assortment of strips that we hand onto. 
There are two of these quilts -- another very old UFO that was passed along to us -- 12 large blocks -- get ready little boys for these! 
The background of this piece is a signature of one of our member's quilts -- scappy improvisational background!  Love the stars!! 
I have no memory of how this quilt came about -- thinking it's from one of the group member's stashes!  Leftover geese perhaps? 
Another sample block cast-off from the 1980's has been reclaimed in this quilt -- just takes some thought!! 
One of my many teaching samples that has been retired from the circuit but now it's a going to a loving new home!! 
We have several gals in the group who are still working to feel more comfortable with their machine quilting efforts.  While reading some of the blogposts shared this week over at Sew Fresh Quilts, Karin of The Quilt Yarn shared this sensible approach to controlling the spacing and alignment of a popular modern quilting design -- wavy lines.
You should go HERE and read it -- it might be just the idea you need for your next quilting session!

I plan to finish quilting this piece this weekend -- word is that we are expecting some snow -- still some leaves on the trees here so hope there isn't much snow which can be very damaging when it arrives early!!
Hope your weekend is productive and stitch!!

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  1. You have some beauties in there. I particularly like the scrappy one made from the 12 giant blocks that has a twin.
    I will go read that post about wavy lines. You give such good suggestions!