Saturday, October 8, 2016

2016 Finish Along -- 4th Quarter Goals

Does it seem like we were just worrying about beginning a new century and here we are almost finished with the 16th year of it?!?

The final part of any year is busy isn't it -- with the change of seasons and holiday preparations there is lots of work to be done around my home.  So I've decided to keep my quilting goals simple for this final quarter of 2016 knowing that new ideas and projects will pop up of their own accord at this time of the year.

This vintage top from the last quarter's list is still on the list.  I know where it's destined to go but every time I pull it out I can feel my brain clutching about "how to quilt" it.  Need to engage the "just do it" mantra and get moving on it!!
The most pressing (and perhaps the simplest) goal for the quarter is to make a baby crib using this stack of farm themed prints for a friend's third grandson.  I am under the impression that his mom has a soft spot for farm animals (and I hope I'm right!!), so I thought this would be fun.  I'm planning to use Marti Michell's Tessellated Windmill tool to cut and piece this quilt. 
This lap size top is made from a "jelly roll" assortment from my own stash and I'd like to have it ready for some winter cuddling in my living room.  I pieced it at a winter retreat almost 2 years ago (HERE).  The chicken plates on the right is the backing fabric which I can't bring myself to cut up, so a backing it is!! 
This trellis quilt was pieced and hand quilted by our church's organist's wife.  She passed away last winter and he found this quilt "ready to bind" in a closet this fall.  "Sure I can do that!"  And I can but when I unfolded it, I discovered the border isn't quilted.  It's a huge quilt and I'm not going to finish the hand quilting.  I'm going to add machine quilting to it and then bind it for him.
Finally, I'm going to finish these two English paper pieced projects into throw pillows for my living room.  The top one is from Nellie's Niceties (an Etsy shop) -- Wafers -- and I'm combining batiks and Kaffe Fassett prints.    I think this one will be round.
The second one is the leftovers from the neck roll pillow I made earlier this year (HERE) -- think it will be a rectangle.  Together the three pillows will move me closer to a completed living room rework! 
It's very tempting to go back up to the studio and pull out a couple more pieces to finish this quarter but, but, but I'm holding myself back!!
How about you?  Are you setting goals and stepping up to a challenge?
You can check out the growing number of "to finish" lists at the linky HERE!!

Have a stitching weekend!!



  1. The vintage quilt is lovely. I know how I would hand quilt her. Stitch around the applique then crosshatching in the background. Something more imaginative in the borders. The farm fabrics will make a cute crib quilt. Have fun making your pillows. Blessings, Gretchen

  2. Six projects (even though a couple are small) are way too many for me, but know you will get them done. You've gotten a lot done this year!

  3. Good luck with your list and thank you for taking part in the Finish-Along!

  4. My plan for the rest of the year is to finish projects listed on my to-do whiteboard. I have no set number - just as many as I can. Let's see how we both go!

  5. A fine list that looks very doable! I like to limit my goals a bit, but I always end up making plenty of other on a whim things that never make it into the fal :). Happy sewing!