Sunday, January 4, 2015

Nathalie's Sunflower Quilt!

Yesterday my friend, Nathalie in France, has started her New Year's "not a mystery" project for us!  I have been watching her make the sample which she has named the Sunflower and it's a charming quilt.  It uses Marti Michell's new 2" Kite and Crown Template Set.  I'm going to follow along and thought you might enjoy doing the same!

If you own my DVD Set-In Piecing Simplified or you've attended one of my Tumbling Blocks workshops, this quilt will be a good next step to practice chain-piecing through those y-seams.  If you haven't purchased the DVD yet or you haven't watched it yet, what a good way to begin your 2015 year of quilting -- by learning a new technique!
There is a Facebook group that you can join and several of the gals have started to share their fabric picks.  I'm going to use a 30's reproductions jelly roll (because I couldn't live without it, so now I have to use it) for the "crown" petals and a white-on-white print for the background.  The print for the center hexagon and the setting triangles hasn't presented itself yet but I have time.  The first step is a couple hours of cutting and you can find it HERE.  Don't be intimidated by the French!  If you have the Google toolbar, activate the "translate" button -- once Nathalie's post is downloaded, click translate and "ta-da", it's English. 
Need the templates -- I have them in stock -- they are $14 plus shipping -- go here to my on-line shop and order them today or if you live nearby, e-mail me and make arrangements to stop by.

If I get the first step cut this afternoon, I can mark them this evening during the return of Downton Abbey!!

UPDATE:  1/5/2015 -- Following is a translation of the supplies and fabrics needed to make Nathalie's quilt which is a lap robe size
        Tools needed include Marti Michell's 2" Kite and Crown Set, Set G, and the Small 60 degree Ruler
        Fabrics needed include 12 fat quarters or a jelly roll for the "crown" petals
                                              1 1/4 yards background fabric
                                              1/2 yard for first border
                                              1 yard for second border
                If you use a jelly roll, you can make a "pieced" center hexagon using the prints in the jelly roll or pull another 1/2 of fabric for a center hexagon.

Here is link to some photos of Nathalie's first top of the quilt.

Mary Huey


  1. Lovely! And nice program with Downton Abbey. Enjoy your evening!

  2. Your 30s fabrics will be perfect for this project. Y-seams are not so bad, they just take a little more tender loving care. I have not done any in some time though.

    1. y-seams are easy with the technique I teach via my DVD, Set-In Piecing Simplified!! Thanks for stopping by to read me today!

  3. Ah - a project to consider for my drawer filled with 30s fabric. Thanks for linking to WIPs Be Gone, Mary.

    1. I think the 30's are going to be perfect for this block!! Thanks for coming by!!