Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Out with the "old" and In with the "new"

Here we are again -- at the end of an old year and the beginning of a new year!  I'm not sure why these few days always fill me with a sense of excitement?  Is it getting to "the end" of lots of stuff -- goals, frustrations -- or the anticipation of "the new" -- more goals, a clean slate, anticipation?  Whatever it is, I'm ready as usual to move into the new year eagerly.

I finished up some gift sewing this week and can share them here because my family doesn't read my blog and by the end of the day tomorrow, everyone will have their gifts.

I only made one small quilt -- a combination housewarming/holiday gift for my oldest daughter who is also my birding sidekick.  It was a holiday/winter panel which is about a year old -- I chopped it up a bit and added sashing and borders to upsize it to a laprobe.

 I organized a set of  pint-size aprons for the triplets since they love to help their parents in the kitchen.  

Then I pulled out this old pattern (from when their Dad was a toddler) and made this funky shirt for the boy.

Adapting some t-shirts into fairy dresses for the girls intimidated me for a couple weeks after I found the perfect fairy skirt netting but once I started, they came together just fine and I've paired them with leggings.  Given how often the girls pick out their fairy dresses for the day, I think they will be popular with the two girls.

I tallied up my success list for the 2022 goal of reducing the UFO stash by 36 pieces -- 24 finishes and 12 eliminations was the goal.  I exceeded that by reducing the UFO's by 40 which included 21 finishes and 19 eliminations!!  Excellent!!

(I think) I have 17 UFO's left plus some orphan odds and ends and 8 antique/vintage quilt tops left.  Those remaining projects will comprise part of my 2023 goals!

I spent an afternoon last week outlining five new goals (none as big as the last couple years).

  1.  Finish six more UFO's from the leftover 2022 list.  Most of the remaining UFO's are small projects so that feels doable!

2.  Quilt the new tops I made in 2022 -- there are just five so a little progress every week could be the key. 

3.  Spurred by my finish of the vintage rail fence (above) quilt a couple days ago, I'm determined to deal with all the antique/vintage quilt tops I own -- there are nine currently and selling is a valid option.  One is already listed in my Etsy shop for sale.  I got so excited while reviewing these quilt tops, I dove into some repair work already that is needed on this one.  It's a delightful collection of fabric from the late 1800's.

4. If/when I start new projects, I am going to chose from a list of seven that I've wanted to make for a while.  Several are just a hoarded pattern at this point. One is an applique block of the month that we kitted and sold in my shop (30 years ago).  My Mom bought all the kits but never started them, so the plan is to do it as a BOM in 2023.  I'll be elated if I finish that top!!   

Another one is a "scrap buster" strip quilt and the 2 1/2" strip box needs a big thinning so that could be a quick stitch-up -- no cutting?

The challenge for me on this one will be to not be led astray by some shiny "new" pattern -- every one of the seven projects in that stack are irresistible ideas -- that's why they are in the stack so I just need to stay enchanted!!

5. The final goal for the year is to rehome twelve finished quilts.  I'm doing this as a favor to my kids -- twelve less for them to rehome during the big clear out in the future!?!  I gave away or sold 22 this past year but there are still lots left.  It's hard to let go of quilts I've made and love.  It takes a focused effort to work up to letting one go but I would like to see more of them being used instead of being stacked up?!?  

There are currently two twin size blue and yellow quilts listed in my Etsy shop for sale.  They are scrappy in nature and the same layout so would be a lovely set but they are listed as single quilts so you could buy one!!

So have I inspired you to set a quilting goal for 2023?  You don't need to be as enthusiastic as I get but goals can be very motivating.  If you've never done this, pick out a project you really want to finish or start -- look it over and determine what effort is needed to finish -- break that down into six parts and then try to finish one part every month for the next six months.  I think if you try using goals to motivate your quilting efforts, you'll enjoy your success and find ways to build on this new habit.  It sure has worked for me!!  I think I could actually run out of UFO's in the next couple years!!

Best wishes for a peaceful New Year!!


P.S. And a big thanks for continuing to follow along with my musings!!


  1. I've made a few goals for 2023 but the main goal is to enjoy what I'm working on when I'm working on it. Quilting is supposed to be fun! Happy stitching and Happy New Year!