Friday, July 15, 2022

I Got Nothing . . . . .

 . . . . . well, almost nothing.   That's what I started to share last evening and so I stopped.  Why would anyone read about "nothing".   24 hours later, I've regained my perspective and am going to try again!!

Since we've had a virus surge nearby, I've spent lots more time on my own again the past couple weeks  but the weather has been pleasant (though we could use more rain) and bits of progress have been made on various projects.   In spite of spending more time watering the vegetables and berry bushes than I'd like, I finished attaching part 9 of the mystery EPP quilt from Jemima's Creative Quilting in Australia -- currently cutting and basting for part 10 and auditioning fabric for part 11!!  It's going a little slower than planned because I need to pamper the arthritic left thumb but progress just the same.

Homage to Grandmother's Flower Garden is progressing nicely and these leaf units no longer intimidate me.  I did another stash dive looking for more light blues -- I'm burning through them steadily and don't think I'll have much of those left when this project is done.  Week 28 pieced and waiting for week 29 instructions!

I made some progress on this I Spy from the UFO stash -- units pieced, rows laid out and starting to set them together -- just need to figure out the shapes to cut for the ends of the rows!  This is an old pattern that was originally in a book, PS, I Love You, Two.  Marti Michell included it in her booklet, Six is for Hexagons and I'm using the large hexagon in Set G.  It's easy piecing and soon will no longer be a UFO!!

 I squished Homage to one side on the design wall so I could lay out the I Spy.  
Then a new quilt caught my eye on Instagram -- easy piecing and scrappy, so why not start it?  But with no space on the primary design wall (or the secondary one for that matter) it will have to "grow" on the backup design wall -- the floor.
It's a "sew-along" called Scrappy Cabins from Sew Lux, an on-line fabric shop -- the pattern is a free download.  I started with a couple charm paks, some leftover layer cake squares, and my box of 
2 1/2" strips -- the cutting table is a mess but the blocks work well as sew-offs for my set-in piecing of Homage units.  One stone, two birds??
"Hermit-ing" with my stitching has led to some unusual contemplation -- I rarely listen to or watch anything while sewing -- just quiet thinking most of the time.  But this week I've been thinking about my grandmothers and memories I have of them (no sewing involved -- just stories and food) which led me to think about other "mentors" of my youth and to realize there were more than I usually recall -- Sunday school teachers, church ladies, the sewing teacher, scout leaders.

Since the EPP project is too big to tote around at this point, I decided to start another Musselburgh hat.  I dug through my fingering yarn stash -- full skeins and leftovers -- to put together a combination that I'll knit holding two strands of yarn together.  It should go faster than the last one and my color inspiration is the High Desert Socks from Larkspur knits!
While I was sitting on the floor rummaging through the yarn stash, I noticed this box sitting behind my sewing table?
Is that another UFO?!?
Is it on the list?  NO!?!
But look there's a plan! 
Not sure I like the plan at this point, so we'll see?

This weekend I'll be avoiding people some more and looking for bumble bees as part of a nationwide survey blitz, hanging out with my stitching, and trying to set up an ice cream meet-up with this little gang!!

Carry on!!

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