Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Hot Day = Sewing Room Hermit

After a morning round of watering and (very little) weeding, I'm retreating to my sewing room for the remainder of the day to wait out a too-hot-for-me day! 90F plus days just wilt me completely so "hermiting" it is!!  Yesterday was pleasant and I had a nice mid-day explore at a local marsh where I ran into two friends doing their weekly butterfly survey.  They counted 72 of these little beauties (least skippers) nectaring on fleabane along the edges of the boardwalk -- wonder how many there were scattered across the rest of the marsh??

A big pot of tea is steeping  (for icing down) and my plan is to do some more catch-up piecing on Homage To Grandmother's Flower Garden.  I'm only a week behind but that is far enough!!  Two more weeks and we'll be at the halfway point.  If you want to check out some of the variations on Instagram -- search for the hashtag #homagetogfg -- there are some stunners!!

I worked on it yesterday getting more background hexies cut and laying out everything for week 23 so I can get right to the piecing today.

Then I think I'll try to layer up this scrappy quilt top I pieced during the winter.  I'll keep the quilting simple either use "no batting" or an old flannel sheet to keep it lightweight for summer evenings.  I guess I didn't take a picture of the finished top? so the quickest one to find is this one while it was still being pieced.  

And I might watch a movie in the middle of the day (?!?) and do some EPP!  I usually reserve handwork for evenings but I really want to finish the mystery mosaic quilt from Jemima's Creative Quilting.  All eleven clues have been released and I just have two more to do before adding borders.  Would love to finish it by the end of June but that might be too ambitious?  Search the hashtag #jcqmysteryqal on Instagram to see lovely variations of this year's and last year's designs.

Ignore the green background -- that's the living room rug.

There's been a lot of partying around here over the past two weeks -- four birthdays will do that!  These three (the little ones) turned three and I finished my 75th journey around the sun.  The Zoo with all the cousins, aunts, and uncle; a barbeque; dinner out and a playground visit rounded out the week!

The equinox is just a few days off for all of us and that means the most "extreme" weather of the year -- do you hide from the "unpleasant" weather, too?  
If you are like me, I hope you have productive defaults so you don't feel guilty!
Hermit on!!



  1. I have to hide from the high temps. I get sick if I'm out in 95+ degree weather after a episode of heat exhaustion back in 2002.

  2. Happy belated birthday, Mary. Oh those hexies are gorgeous! Stay cool.