Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Checking In

 So how is your January stitching coming along?  This past weekend, I traded my messy desk and cluttered studio for a cabin in a snowy central Ohio state park where a friend and I hung out stitching and talking.  It was so cold we didn't even leave the cabin except to check out the geese on the river flowing past the back porch.  It was a very pleasant break!

Of course, I took more than I could reasonably expect to work on but I made sure what I did do would push a couple projects forward in a significant way . . .  but nothing finished.

Over the past week, I've been slowly getting this piece quilted.  The simplest approach would have been a grid or straight lines but neither seemed right.  I wanted to emphasize the swirling feel I get from the blocks. 

After looking at it for a couple days and drawing design ideas on the quilt with a chalk wheel I settled on this modified "continuous curve" idea.  I like the way it makes the blocks whirl visually. 
To emphasize the overall shape, I outlined the outer edges of each block 1/4" from the seams with a muted shade of green thread.
That left me with a weird shaped background section.  )-: ?
While doodling a circular spiral idea, I experimented with rotating a modified "Baptist fan" motif to form a circular design.  It was easy and by maintaining five "arcs" to each quarter, it enabled me to complete the entire design with just one start and stop.
Second quarter and two more to go.  Much easier than trying to maintain a good looking spiral, too!!  If you go back up and look at the large picture of the quilt again, you can see my funky spinning motifs.
Of course, now I'm stuck again for design inspiration for the area surrounding the center of the quilt and the border.  There have been a couple glimmers but not in a rush at this point so just letting it simmer.

My 2022 goals have emerged and solidified over the past week, too.  Ready?
1. Finish at least two UFO's each month (there are lots of small ones so this is more doable than it might seem).
2. Eliminate one "un-started" project each month -- put the fabric back into the stash and dispose of the pattern (shocking but some have been waiting for me for years and it will clear the deck for something more interesting and compelling!).
3.  Give away quilted pieces every month -- I could give one away every week and still have plenty.  We'll see how this one goes -- I get pretty attached to my finishes but so far this year, I've given one away every week -- 4 for 4!?!  So we'll see.

I think we need to end with a triplet picture!!  It was our delayed Christmas gathering.  They explored the house completely as it was only their second visit since learning to walk and there was a cat upstairs?!?  Very exciting!!
I have a quiet week ahead -- one appointment, babysitting this gang, and a few native plants and insect webinars, a little cleaning, and lots of stitching!
I love being retired!!
Hope your week is pleasant and you stay healthy!


  1. Mary I love your week. Similar to mine but no snow and maybe a hint of rain on Sunday. I smiled when I read your note about bringing more than you could accomplish…that was my approach to the inn at Amish door! Finally how do I get on the receiving end of your destashing?…