Thursday, July 5, 2018

2018 Finish Along -- Third Quarter Goals

Are you saying where did the first half of the year go?
I am!!
Time to share a few new goals for the third quarter of 2018 and see if I can get some more quilts finished!!

I'm rolling over my Bernina ZenChic Triangle quiltalong piece -- it's a leftover from last quarter and just past the halfway mark of quilting.  I don't want it to slip through the cracks!!
I'm never at a loss for UFO's -- this is the "finished top with backing" shelf.  May look overwhelming to some of you, but there are only 18 on it now.  
It was full, to the top, falling off the edge . . . . 
So generally making good progress!!
I decided to pull a rather old one -- dates to 2000.  The pattern was laid out and shared with me by a fellow "It's Okay" teacher from Milwaukee, WI -- Jan Kreuger.
I've hung it on the design wall across from my machine so that my subconscious can start working on the quilting plan!
I'll likely use it as a gift or sell it when it's finished.
My third project will be to quilt my daughter's version of my pattern, Mississippi Mud. It's a full size quilt and I'll be quilting it in four sections.  I've finished several of these over the years and so I already know how to quilt it!!

I also want to share that I've donated my Minimal mini wall quilt (it's 13 1/2" square) that was included in the Curated Quilt's third issue Gallery to a fund raising auction on Instagram that begins Monday, July 9.  Bids will be accepted through Friday, July 14 and all proceeds will go to aid immigrant and refugee families in crisis.  80 items are being auctioned!  


  1. You are making amazing progress on the UFOs, Mary. Feel free to come to Australia and work your magic on my teetering sack of UFOs. The quilt pile is not as big, but there are all sorts of other random unfinished craft things dotted about the house.