Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Taking a few days off . . . .

. . . . . . because I was 15 minutes (and six days?) early for my doctor's appointment this morning and then I didn't show up for a work session (that I scheduled) for my quilting group?!?  I'm off for a long weekend to see the grands and do some family history research, so I'll be back at the blogging in a week (or so). 

In the meantime, here's pictures from a walk yesterday to show you some of the fall foliage inspiration here in Northeast Ohio!!

I might miss the big leaf drop -- almost every leaf is now yellow and we are waiting for the first frost that will bring all of them down.  Looking up into the woods nearby (mostly maple and beech), the foliage is thinning.
The ground is covered with yellow leaves that quickly turn brown and the occasional red maple leaf lays on top of the layer like an accent.
The acorn crop is plentiful this year and the squirrels can't seem to eat or bury all of them.
The mitten-shaped sassafras leaves are among the most colorful but it also looks like they are delicious -- look at all those little holes -- must remember to look up what caterpillars eat them!
The only green left on the forest floor are the evergreen Christmas ferns which will soon be peeking up through a layer of snow.
The trail ends at the top of a crumbling bluff and one can survey the river valley 50 feet below.
The panorama of rust and gold sparkles in the sporadic afternoon sunshine.
The stately sycamores have already lost most of their leaves and they look like ghost trees.
One of the parts of a season with no leaves that I love is being able to see the architecture of the woods -- stately trees such as these that are hidden from view by summer's leaves.
It will be dark soon so time to go home and stitch something.
As I walk back to my car, I stop to look for the source of the soft tapping I can hear overhead.
There he is -- a handsome male pileated woodpecker!
We've lost lots of trees in our woodlands to invasive insects and diseases and it makes me sad. 
But I have to celebrate the expansion of these magnificent woodpeckers who benefit from all the dead trees.

Have a pleasant weekend -- soak up the changing seasons and do some stitching!!



  1. We have those woodpeckers in our area. They are always in our 100 ft palm - now threatened by a beetle that makes its nest in the crown of the tree. Have a restful wonderful time with your family.

  2. Beautiful photos. I love the ghost trees. I've had the pleasure, but only a time or two, of seeing one of those beautiful pileated woodpeckers. They are amazing.

  3. That's unnerving when it happens, Mary, but I have to say I had a long week like that a few years ago. I missed several things--I was so embarrassed, and it was so unlike me being 'scattered'. But too much running and responsibility, and not enough time for self care and sleep. Enjoy the fleeting beauty left in the season, and please don't mention that four letter word--sn*w--again for while. I'm hoping for a mild winter down here. Be well.

  4. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation on color at the National Road Quilt Guild last night! I think I may finally have the nerve to try a scrappy quilt. Thank you