Friday, February 24, 2017

A #quiltnon2017 Weekend!!

Do you know the Modern Quilt Guild's show, QuiltCon is happening this weekend in Savannah, Georgia?  I considered attending but then decided to go birding in Florida instead.
But . . . . . . on Instagram, I can still enjoy some of the fun that is happening there via friends and the @themqg feed.
And for those of us not there, we can join the #quiltnon2017 fun happening on Instagram!!
It's organized by Julie of
Every three hours a new hostess pops up on the feed with a challenge or tutorial and dozens of quilters all over the world respond with photos and remarks.  So far, we've been asked to introduce ourselves --
and set a WIP goal for the weekend --
layer and quilt this puppy -- needs finished anyway!!
Plus George is bored with babysitting the cuttings and want to get back to work!!
We've been asked what our #quiltnon2017goal for the year is -- there, now I've said it outloud!
Hand quilt this gorgeous top (so it doesn't end up in the BIG yard sale).
There is a sampler set of 6" blocks being shared and while I've avoided the 100-day-plus projects like this in the cyber quilting world, I think I can hold it together for a weekend.  Perhaps they will become some donate-able baby items for my church's Lenten collection that benefits a local agency supporting young mothers?
To make that challenge feel even more productive, I'm determined to do all the blocks from my
sourdough stash of 2 1/2" stuff -- strips, squares, HST's, and 4-patches!
Those pocket-looking pieces on the table are called Pinnie Pennants.  Clever Heidi over at Fabric Mutt shared the tutorial for these on Wednesday to get everyone in the mood.  I'm mass producing a few because I think they will make great little impromptu gifts to have on hand!
Now that's I've figured out how to "read" on-line tutorials with my KindleFire, I can stay in the studio all weekend, cruising Instagram and stitching!!
Happy girl!!
P.S.  Could someone stop by every hour or so with a hot cuppa and a medicinal scone?


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