Friday, April 17, 2015

The Next Step -- Courthouse Steps!

All the new step samples for teaching Courthouse Stars are zipped and labeled -- ready to go!!
I'm so pleased with the way the sample blocks look, it's going to be hard not to finish this up in a hurry!!
The little stars grow up to be big stars!
I like the yellow with the pink, but not so sure about the orange?  What do you think?
The big stars look a little wonky because I have not actually stitched them together but couldn't wait to lay them out and set how they look.
Just a quick audition of the blocks.  So far, so good!
If you'd like to make your own version, you can order the pattern from my website -- HERE.  It uses Marti Michell's 1 1/4" log cabin ruler and the Lazy Girl 4XFlying Geese Tool.
Maybe next week I'll share pictures of a finished quilt top?!?!
Have a good weekend of stitching!!
Mary Huey


  1. Restrain yourself - LOL! Looks gorgeous, Mary. Got my packet of the dvd and the templates. Look forward to making my first rose star, Sunday after Mass - first day I have some free time. Thanks!

  2. I think orange and pink is a fabulous colour combination so my vote is for "keep it"! Don't restrain yourself any longer....keep going on this quilt because is is terrific!

  3. I really love the secondary pattern created with the court house step blocks. This is a beautiful quilt!