Monday, September 30, 2013

Never do the math in your head!

September 30, 2013

Where did that month go?  It's time to report on my program for the past month.  And there has been some!!  Not a great deal, but I feel the momentum beginning to build . . . . at last!! 

First, I'm happy to report that the Jinny Beyer BOM project has found a new home -- so that's one UFQ finished; one UFQ out of my life; one UFQ being hand-quilted -- just two borders left to do! -- and 10 to go! 

The "momentum" is that #4 is out of the box and serving as the current "sew-offs" while I'm working on new teaching samples and other more interesting projects.  There are 30 blocks -- I've sashed all of them with blue and will trim them to the PPM (personal private measurement for those unfamiliar with Mary Ellen Hopkin's terminology) of the rail fence sashing units once those are set together.

My first attempt at making the rail fence units was way off, so I redid the math and discovered I needed about 4 times as many.  Take a deep breath, cut more strips, made more strip sets, cut more rail fence units . . . .

Saturday afternoon was too pretty a day to be inside sewing, so I moved to my patio for the afternoon and decided to FINISH the sashing units! 

Here they are, stitched into pairs!

Time to count so I don't sew too many together and have to rip some apart for the "cornerstones".   

GRRRRR -- I am still short about 25 to 30 rail fence units . . . . ALERT, ALERT, ALERT . . . momentum threat on the horizon!!  I should have done a layout in Electric Quilt instead of trusting my head math.

And now I'm wondering what I'm going to do with this quilt when it's finished.  Where did that question come from?   I never consider that when I start a new quilt.  Mmmm, it's a UFQ.  Am I stonewalling?  Perhaps, probably -- but there is a deadline looming ever closer and I hate to miss deadlines!!  I must meet the deadline!!!

So I'll count them again and then get that stack of blue and yellow back out and cut some more strips and make some more strips sets (only need 3 . . . . I think).   If I can just get some of it up on the work wall, there's a chance I can get excited about this one again.  And my guild's fall retreat is only 2 weeks away -- surely I can get a top put together if all the units are ready when I arrive?!?

On another topic -- one of my students has suggested to me that I begin to post some tutorials on this blog -- there is a lot of info stuffed into my head from 35 years of quilting and teaching.  So next Tuesday, 10/8/2013, I'll begin a series on Pressing Basics for Piecing.  If you have any requests for future tutorials, forward them to me at

Back to the sewing machine for the rest of the day!