Friday, July 3, 2015

Katje's Millefiore Rosette 6 is together!!

Last month I started piecing Rosette 6 from Katje's Millefiore quilt follow-along.  I showed you how I used Marti Michell's template Set G to cut the pieces for the center hexagon motif HERE.

As I moved out from the center motif, I shared how I used Marti's template Set H and adapted the way I used the templates to get shapes like the elongated hexagon and the parallelograms needed for this hexagon motif HERE.
This past rainy weekend, I finished setting together the entire motif and have another template use modification to share with you.  The green mini-check pieces are rhomboids if I recall my geometry terminology correctly. 
Katje created it by merging together the two diamonds and the equilateral triangle along one edge of this hexagon motif.
The large template in Set H is a 3" hexagon and it is a perfect match for the finished size of all the hexagon motifs in The New Hexagon.
The small diamond template is a perfect match for the diamonds so I can use that to cut a strip that will be the correct width for the rhomboids.
Now when I lay the large hexagon template on the strip with one edge matching, I can cut rhomboids that are the perfect size.
Taking the time to trim off the tips of the rhomboids will make aligning them with the rest of the motif easier and accurate. (See the photo above.)
Once those six hexagons were pieced, I was ready to set them together to complete the rosette.  I work with Marti's templates most of the time these days, but I still experience a little thrill when I lay two blocks together and they are the same size!!  You can't see the one underneath because it is the exact same size as the one on top!!
I usually work from the center out but decided to try a different approach this time and set the hexagons together in rows.
As with any y-seam construction, I didn't press any of the setting together seams until it was finished.  At every corner I was waiting for points to not match up but it never happened!!
And here's the rosette!  Those of you who are doing the entire quilt will notice that I completed the last round because this is going to be the center of something medallion style. 
No plan yet, waiting for inspiration.
If you are one of the seven quilters in the world who haven't discovered this inspired quilt -- visit Katje's website HERE.
I machine pieced the rosette using the chain-piecing approach in my DVD, Set-In Piecing Simplified while continuing to finish setting together this large reproduction mosaic hexagon quilt.  The pieces of the rosette were my "leaders and enders" between the 1" seams of the final assembly. 
I still have about 80 seams to go on the reproduction and my goal is to share the finished top with you in my next post!!  Another rainy day would help, but really we have plenty of water on hand for the moment!!
Thanks for stopping by today and reading all the way to the end!!
Enjoy your weekend. 
I hope the USA is warm and sunny for the holiday. 
I hope Europe cools off!!
Mary Huey


  1. What a great demonstration of how you used the templates. The block looks fabulous!

  2. This is beautiful and thanks for sharing the template modifications with us!

  3. Beautiful rosette... I love your fabric combination, that Kaffe is spot-on with the others!

  4. I love your process posts, and this one is a beaut. I'm all set now with the templates I got from you, Mary. Now all I have to do is finish a WIP so that I can start something new - LOL. Thanks for linking to WIPs Be Gone. I always enjoy seeing your progress.

  5. I just LOVE these quilts and yours is wonderful! I want one pretty bad but English Paper Piecing is not something I have come to love yet. I did see a new method awhile back that I want to try. It looked like something I would like doing.

    I use the Super60 ruler for cutting 60 degree pieces and love it.

  6. this is beautiful! i love the fabric choices!