Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lake Metroparks 24th Annual Quilts Workshops, Part II

Here is a close-up look at my second workshop offering during the 2015 annual quilt show at Lake Metroparks Farmpark in February and March.  The complete class brochure is available (in color!!) and registration is open!!  You can also find all the information and registration options at http://www.lakemetroparks.com/events/quilts2015.shtml

Wednesday, March 11, 2015 from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  
The fee is $48 and registration is open!!   
This block, which seems to me to come to us from Australia, is very popular in the quilt blogging world.  Marti Michell has just released two 60° Kite and Crown Sets of templates that can be used with her hexagon Sets G and H to cut the pieces for this block.   Each set is $14 and I have them in stock!!
The block is a good challenge for intermediate skill piecing.  During the workshop, you will cut one block with templates and learn a revolutionary technique for chain piecing through y-seams while piecing the block.   I will also discuss several setting options for these blocks while sharing my own work using the templates. 
It's a great block for exploring the options that value and color changes can make and since I like to begin most of my quilts with a beautiful multi-color print, this piece is the beginning of my group of Rose Stars.

The stash of possibilities that I've pulled out of my inventory keeps growing!  While I'm not sure all of them will end up in the quilt or what size the quilt will be, I'm enjoying the piecing process.  The block is easier than it looks once you conquer y-seaming piecing!!
And just recently, I found this tropical print and it's looking pretty perfect with the blocks I've pieced so far!!
 So get out that calendar, see if you are available on that date -- sign up and then use it as an excuse to use one of those special prints you are hoarding!!
You can register on-line by using this link or by phone 800-669-9266. 

Can't get to Northeast Ohio during February?  I could come to you -- share my information with your guild or local quilt shop and have them contact me to organize a workshop that you can get to!!
Next week, I'll share an expanded view of my other two workshops!!
But for now, it's back to the quilting machine!!
I hope your push to finish your holiday stitching is on target!!
Mary Huey



  1. Mary, I am in awe! It's a fabulous block, but you have made it so much more so because of your fabric choices. Love the way the vintage looking tropical fabric pulls the blocks together too! Have fun with your class!

  2. Beautiful. Impressive that these are chain pieced and not done by hand!

    1. Thanks, Sharon!! The technique is the focus of my DVD, Set-In Piecing Simplified and the feedback I'm getting from it has been good -- quilters understand it!!

  3. Mary, Mary, Mary, I am so impressed with these beautiful blocks. I am glad to be in your hive this year so I can get to know you and your quilting better.

    1. Thanks! I'm looking forward to working with the hive!!