Sunday, December 29, 2013

Escaping to the piecing

It was good to have family here the past few days but I was ready to escape to the sewing machines on Sunday afternoon.  I spent a couple hours doing some machine quilting to finish up one more quilt before the year ends -- that will make a total of 26 quilts for 2013!
Then after supper I went up to the studio for a session of cutting and piecing on Step 5 of Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice Mystery.  Have you been exploring the "link-ups"?  That is so much fun.  I'm especially enjoying those that are exploring what all these units might look like in a quilt block. 
I like my fabrics -- it's going to make a great quilt to donate to one of my causes this year.  A cheerful quilt will always lift a person's heart.

Step 5 uses two templates from Marti Michell's Set A -- the 3" finished triangle which is A-2 and the 1 1/2" finished triangle, A-6. 

I layered up 4 background prints at a time to cut being sure to trim off all the points as suggested.

This is one of those times when the pre-trimmed corners of the triangles really shines.  I even take off the tip of the square corner.   Because of the trims, I didn't need to pay attention to "rights" and "lefts" which was good since my focus is a bit "blurry" from all the holiday fussing.

Thanks to the trims, when I align the background triangles with the orange/yellow triangle units, they settle in perfectly.  And I've discovered that if the square corner trim of the triangle is the same size as the corner of my pieced unit (see the upper right corner in the photo below), that means the unit is spot on perfect -- square and the right size!

The background triangles are going onto the pieced units easily and next I'll be ready for the blue triangles. 

The blues I'm using are from the mid-90's and are about the last of my clear blues which were so common at that time.  I hope I can replace them with some new ones this winter.  It didn't take long to cut the blue triangles from 3 1/2" strips layered 4 to a stack and it was easy to keep the count so I didn't overcut.
I was glad to see how well everything lined up and I didn't lose any points on the first ones for the test sew.  Since I don't have to clean this week -- I did enough of that the last two weeks to take a week off, I expect to be completely caught up by Friday morning when Step 6 arrives!
If you've been following my (lack of) progress on my 2013 goal of finishing 13 of my oldest UFQ's, I'll be back on Wednesday, January 1, 2014 with a complete rundown on what I accomplished and what I've learned about myself.
Until then, keep on piecing!
Mary Huey



  1. Congratulations! 26 quilts finished in one year is a great accomplishment!

  2. Someone will be very happy to receive your comfort quilt. Love your profile. I get razzed all of the time about cutting fabric up into little pieces and then putting all those pieces back together again.