Monday, December 23, 2013

A template experiment!

Friday morning when I opened Part 4 of Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice Mystery, I was relieved to see it was quick and simple 4-patches.  But since I've started with Marti Michell's Template Sets A and C, should I do the 4-patches with the template or the strip piecing method? Hmmm!

I decided to conduct a test and see if one approach gave me better results than the other because the templates often do give me better results but I have to confess that I've strip pieced for a longer time.

So I cut the 2" strips and then did three tests.

First, I stitched a couple pairs of green and orange strips together, pressed them and cut off rows to be stitched into 4-patches.

Then I stacked up 4 strips (green right side up, orange right side down, green up, orange down) and used template A-5 to cut a couple stacks of squares to stitch into 4-patches.

And finally, I used the template to cut a few rows off of strip sets before I pressed the strip sets. 

Here are the three results -- they are all exactly the same size -- 3 1/2" squares.  So I can finish the rest whichever way!

Step 2 is finished and Step 3 nearing the halfway mark but there are still placemats (follow that link to the "good idea" page on my website for how I make these placemats using approx. 6" blocks) to finish . . . .

. . . . .  and a piece of flannel to transform into a skirt for my 7-year old granddaughter . . . . .

. . . . . . and one more sock to complete. . . . .

. . . . . .  before the gang all arrives.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Mary Huey


  1. Wow! You are so busy! I love your orang fabric. I've tried knitting socks and always have a bit of a breakdown when it's time to turn the heel ;-(, but I'm thinking maybe I should have a go at it again. You've inspired me!

  2. My aspirations were greater than my energy -- what's new? Socks and placemats are finished but the skirt bit the dust -- maybe in the spring! After a couple of attempts to learn to turn the heel on socks, I finally caved and took a class -- it really helped and now I can do it in my sleep -- sort of . . . .