Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Hooray, hooray, hooray!!!   I hit the 108 yard mark today as I made the backing for the tessalated windmill sample that I showed in the last post!  

As I was cutting that sample of last week, I looked across my cutting table and realized it might be time to clean it off.  

What do you think?

So, I decided that when the sample was set together and the backing made, I would work on clearing off the table.  And even more ambitious than that, I would finish one of the unfinished projects cluttering the opposite end!!  I would not be distracted by the lure of an interesting piece of fabric that might be lurking there!!  I would be focused!! 

By golly, I did it this afternoon -- in under 2 hours!?!  The cutting table is cleared off -- turns out most of the clutter was piles of new fabric or fabric that I used on recent projects and hadn't put away, or teaching samples that I needed to return to their slots.   What a surprise to discover I have TWO big cutting mats on there?!?   (Just kidding -- I knew that.)  Tomorrow I may reorganize it a bit -- put the tool baskets in more convenient positions.  And I probably should clear the clutter on the floor away from the edges of the table so I can walk all the way around it.  If my son was here, he would have some smart remark to make about there being a table there.

And here's the lucky project!!  A stack and whack with a gorgeous fall fabric -- it's a huge hexagon and I've always thought it would make a great tablecover.  Trouble is that I don't have a round table -- I have a long rectanglar table.  So it's never been finished.  It's laying on the table right now as I consider how to reorganize it a bit and make it a rectangle.  First step is to take off the right and left rows and I'll do that this evening while I watch an English mystery -- easier to unstitch while diverted!!  That will give me 6 hexagons I can move to the ends to make it longer and we'll see what else happens.  It will be great to have it ready for the fall this year!!

A good day in the studio!!  I hope you are able to get to your cutting mat today!!



  1. Good to see that beautiful stack and whack getting out and about. Well done.

    1. Well, it's not done yet -- just out, but I did get some ripping and stitching done on it today!