Saturday, June 2, 2012

Time to refire the enthusiasm!!

It's a piece of rhubarb custard pie with whipped cream (the real kind!).  Doesn't that look like a good way to start the day.  It's more balanced than one might think -- rhubarb is a veggie or fruit and the custard part uses eggs and milk.  There isn't that much sugar and I use a very thin pie crust!!

May was a crazy month -- some of it fun and some of it, not so much.  I did NOT sew 14 days during May between the birding and the gardening and some sort of muscle issue in my upper right arm and a setback for my Mom.  Needless to say, I did not reach the goal of using 17.66666 yards of fabric during May.  But not to worry, there is  always next month and it is here!!

6 new valances waiting to be hung!

For the past week, I've been focusing on getting back into a productive routine and have managed to use about 8 yards of fabric by making a new set of pillowcases for my bed, a Lorax pillowcase for my librarian daughter, new valances for my office (to go with the summer veggie garden wall hanging that rotates into place this week) and backing a charity quilt for my group that is currently working hard to organize a dozen quilts to send with the Chardon United Methodist Church's youth mission team who will head down to Appalachia later this month for their annual work week.

The impact of coming a bit unwound during May is that I will need to up the monthly total goal to about 18 1/2 yards.  Even with slow down, I've managed to use 81 yards this year and that's about 20 yards ahead of myself at this time last year. 

Yesterday, I cut fabric from my stash to use for a workshop with Bonnie Hunter when she visits the Ashtabula Friendly Quilters later this month.  Denise Guthrie from Mercantile on Main in Coshocton, Ohio (nice shop, one of my favorites) and I are taking the workshop together and since neither of us need a new UFQ, we've decided to take the team approach and minimize the impact!  We settled on a fabric theme (Civil War) and she is cutting the lights from her stash and I've cut the darks from my stash.  We also decided to make half the blocks so we'll each have a smaller quilt.  Good strategy -- half the work, half the fabric (all out of our stashs), and we'll get to enjoy working together and learning something!  Something to consider next time you and friend take a workshop together!

Today, I have planned an "artist's date" agenda for myself to stoke the motivation!  Julia Cameron explains this strategy in her excellent book, The Artist's Way.   It's meant to be a day on your own (no shopping with friends), exploring and enjoying the stimulation and ideas you encounter.  I'm presenting my project for the NEORQC 2013 Getaway (I'll be posting the details for this on my website, this morning at their meeting.  It's in Lordstown, Ohio and so I've mapped out several stops to make as I meander back home this afternoon -- they include Olive Grace's Quilt Shop near Cortland, the bulk food store in Mesopotamia, maybe the big daylily farm east of Middlefield (if they are open), and any interesting antique shops I see along the way.  My binoculars are always in the car so I might give in to a birding distraction, too.  The whole idea of the day is to just let it happen.  I forget to indulge in these dates regularly -- it's easy to push what seems like an indulgence aside when the schedule and the commitments are overflowing, but it's just as important as all the stuff with deadlines. 

What will you be doing to motivate yourself today?   Make it good!           Mary

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