Tuesday, June 19, 2012

In Spite of Choas!

 . . . . . I've had a very productive day.  I edged and transplanted in the new garden border before it got hot.  I baked sourdough bread -- it was flat again but I think I've figured out why that is happening, so next week I'll test that theory.  And I finished a quilt! 

Are you wondering how I get so much done in spite of chaos?  It's quite simple -- I ignore the chaos!  Not for long -- usually just long enough to meet a deadline. 

So today, the only way to get this little top quilted by the end of the day was to set up my extra table in the middle of the office which happens to be the only tidy room in the house at the moment.  The view is good, there is a fan over my head, and I can stream music through my computer. 

The piece is 35" by 45" and is a teaching sample for Baby Blocks for Beginners (clever name, huh?) that I'll be teaching this fall at The Sew'n Place in Chambersburg, PA.  I decided to push all the way to the end of the project so that when it has served its purpose, I can gift it to a friend who is expecting his first grandchild in the fall.  He is Japanese and the focus fabric is a gorgeous koi print. 

The quilting design was inspired by the background design of the focus fabric -- one of those lovely Oriental flowing waves designs.  I rummaged through my thread collection (always purchased impulsively) for something that would blend with the fabrics in the top.  I found 3 partial spools, any of which would work, called the nearest shop to discover they didn't have another spool of any, and started anyway.  I used the third choice in the bobbin and my first choice in the top -- ran out of the bobbin thread about 3/4 along and the top thread made it until the last corner.  So it was good that I had another option in reserve.  Best part is that I used up all those ends and no one will ever realize it!

I think to classical music, but I machine quilt to rock-n-roll -- preferably stuff from the 80's.  I stop to stretch my neck and shoulders every hour or so (and maybe dance a bit).  Drink lots of tea.  And in 2 1/2 hours, it was done!!  See the safety pin?  It's my marker for threads that have to be woven back in and I put it there as soon as I stitch past it.  What an easy way to be sure I don't miss any of them!

So here is the finished product.  And it brings me to a total of 93 1/4 yards of fabric used so far this year.  In a perfect world, I'll be at the 106 yard mark by the end of June . . . . but I'll be okay if I'm not.  My sewing groove is back in gear at this point and that's a critical piece of this effort!!!  Right now it's time to adjourn to a lawn chair and finish the hand sewing on the binding!!   

P.S.  Did I mention that I started this quilt on June 13 and I can't believe it's finished today -- June 19!?!?

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