Monday, June 11, 2012

Another one FINISHED!!!!!

It was a lovely weekend in Northeast Ohio.  I spent the late afternoon on Saturday hand stitching the binding onto this quilt -- another one finished!! 

I call this piece Autumn Hillside -- the color scheme was inspired by a long drive along the Ohio River during the fall several years ago.  The forests in that area have more oak than this corner of the state, so the fall color is more somber, lots of browns and rusts with sparks of red here and there.  This photo does not show the big stitch hand quilting with pearl cotton -- guess I need a few detail photos, too.  I enjoy the technique because it tolerates imperfection nicely and over the past three years since I discovered it, this is the 3rd piece I finished doing it.  I didn't use up much fabric (just 1/3 yard for the binding), but it's good to finish one!

The fabric gobbler this past week was this kaleidoscopic layout of hexagons.  So far I've used
 about 2 1/2 yards of fabric and it's 36" by 48".  The  border will be the large swirly print in 3 of the hexagon motifs.  It's one of the samples for the seminar I'm offering in September that will focus on hexagons, 60 degree diamonds, and equilateral triangles.  I stumbled onto the setting on my design wall but now that I've copied it into EQ5 (still haven't upgraded?!?!), I've been playing with other arrangments/expansions of it.  This one uses 2" hexagons -- think I'll do another in a smaller scale.  Once I mastered "chain piecing" hexagons together, it was hard to stop so the piece almost flew together.   A clever student (named Mary) when I was teaching in Watertown, NY last month figured it out and shared it with me.  Very cool.

This evening, my guild had their monthly meeting and it was a "sit and sew" session.  I spent the time taking the borders off a quilt top -- it just didn't do anything for the quilt and I found a better option on a shopping foray a week ago.  I suppose that means I have to subtract it from the tally of fabric used, but perhaps not -- it could become part of the backing! 

Tomorrow I have to focus on a couple new teaching samples (tops only) that need to be in a shop for display by the end of June!!  More fabric to add to the tally!!  And then Thursday, I'm off to the NQA Show in Columbus for the day -- hope I don't succumb to the stimulation too enthusiastically!!  

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