Thursday, April 5, 2012

On Target!!

In spite of my quietness for the past month, I have managed to stay on track -- as of today, I've used 55 yards thus far this year.  But it will be a challenge to hit the 17.66666 yard mark in April since I'm traveling to teach and going on a hiking adventure at the end of the month.  And my spring bird watching always distracts me at this time of year.  I also need to focus on quilting a few pieces.  I've always been able to generate more quilt tops than finished quilts.  Right now I don't have any deadlines -- perhaps I'll need to make up a couple -- they always work!  I need a fairy quilting godmother.

Here's an updated photo of the tumbling blocks quilt!  I'm so pleased with it.  I auditioned red, green, and blue for the borders and stayed with a simple print.   Each color looked good with this scrappy quilt, but I have a soft spot for blue and so it was the winner.  That's the beauty of a true scrap quilt -- you can make it appear to be any color you like with your choice of the border fabric.  I'll keep the quilting simple -- with so many different prints, fancy quilting would be lost on it.  And since the backing is made, I could layer it up today and quilt it tomorrow . . . . well, I could.  This will be a new workshop in the fall, so if you are interested start setting aside a box or pile of 2 1/2" strips of scraps and leftovers! 

The other fabric eating projects this past month have included Easter pillowcases for my grandchildren and a ballet totebag for my granddaughter.  I do plan to make a pair of spring pillowcases for my bed today.  I change my bed quilt with the seasons and just put my original Marie's Scraps on the bed this morning.  It's a twin than I lay sideways on the bed so there is not enough to cover the pillows -- pretty pillowcases will fix that.  I also will change all the quilts that are out in the living room plus a wallhanging and the valances in my office to give the house a lighter look for the season.  It's like redecorating without having to paint (yuk).

Today is my day off from the world -- need to spend much of putting the sewing room back to rights.  Between the winter sewing frenzy and taking some fabric out of my mother's stash before donating it to a group, there are lots of piles around it.  Piles aren't good -- they are easy to create, but the make the room an unpleasant place to be.  So making the effort to tidy up is worthwhile.

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