Thursday, April 26, 2012

From the road . . . .

This past Saturday, I was on the south side of Atlanta, GA -- did back-to-back lectures for the Tara Quilt Guild of Morrow.  It was a relaxing weekend for me -- checked out a couple of nice shops, was a highly indulged house guest of a very good cook, and met some charming Southern ladies! 

I'm currently in Watertown, NY -- just finished two days of workshops with the North Country Quilt Guild.  I enjoyed meeting them and working with them -- lots of active, productive quilters.  They have a show coming up the weekend of June 9 and so there was lots of talk about being "ready for the show".

When I asked how the two groups discovered Mary Huey in Willoughby, Ohio, they both shared that they "just stumbled across" me through my website!!  What fun for me!

But being on the road separates me from my stash and my sewing machine.  So the only option for hitting the 17.666666 yard goal for April was to give it away!  And that's just what I did.  Someone asked me if that "counts" -- sure does!!  After all, it's my game so I get to make up the rules.  And it was fabric that has been in the stash for perhaps 20 years, heavier goods that were being "saved" for totebags and such.  But I don't actually make totebags, so what's the point of having it stashed.  I found a group of gals who make wheel chair bags and could use the sturdy stuff so I hope that soon it will be happier fabric as they use it for their projects.

A young gal, Erin who has been in my classes for the past two days has also set a goal for 2012 and is also writing a blog to stay accountable.  She just launched her quest to make "52 quilts in 52 weeks with $52 dollars to spend on each one."  I've read her first couple entries and am looking forward to following her progress!  If you'd like to get inspired by her quest, go to

Next on the trip agenda is 6 days of hiking in the Adirondacks -- those of you who have known me for several years know hiking and birding are just below quilting on my "like to do" list -- so I won't be using fabric but I'll be de-stressing and that will fill me with new energy for "stash-busting". 

Have a good week and keep sewing!!




  1. Hope you enjoyed your hiking adventure and the rain didn't slow you down too much! I sewed with several ladies from the Watertown NY guild today and we couldn't stop commenting about how much we enjoyed your widsom and teaching. Thanks again to traveling to our neck of the woods. I'm going to keep checking in on your blog and fabric goal too! All the best! Erin

  2. Mary, we really enjoyed having you here at the North Country Quilting guild. You and Erin have inspired me to set some goals for myself - I just might join you 2 in blogland! Thanks for the visit and I hope you enjoyed the hiking trip.