Friday, January 13, 2012

What happened to Thursday?

47" by 63" -- forgot to rotate it, but you get the idea.
It was my intention to post a progress report yesterday, but I was on the move all day -- still trying to cross things off Tuesday's "to-do" list?!?  Too many big tasks -- not good because I'm still not finished, but all the critical tasks are done.  Just finished a new sample of my pattern, Stars for All, using a simple fabric scheme -- two color families, six prints.   Started it on the 7th, finished the top on the 13th, and used another 3 1/2 yards from the stash!!  The border is a gorgeous nasturtium print I hoarded years ago -- nice to finally have it in a quilt!

Someone asked how I figure out the amount of yardage I've used in a quilt.  In one like this, I measured each piece of fabric before I cut and then after cutting to determine how much I've used.  But the scrappier the quilt becomes, the less satisfactory that method is -- too cumbersome.  So when a quilt top is finished, you can also do a little math. 

Multiply the length times the width and that gives you the square inches -- so this top is 2961 square inches.  There are 1440 square inches in one yard of fabric.  (Someday, that piece of trivia will be useful.)  Divide the square inches of your quilt top by 1440 and it will give you a yardage figure.  It doesn't take into account seam allowances and I'm reluctant to give up those numbers!  So I add on -- generally if the pieces in the quilt are small (say 2" finished) -- you can add about 1/3 of the answer to the division problem.  The bigger the pieces, the less I add.  It is perhaps still a bit on the low side but that's okay.

I'm teaching Log Cabin with Marti Michell's terrific rulers tomorrow at Cottonpickers in Chardon, so I'm off to bed with a nice warm mocha and my sidekick, Willie (large black cat who likes to snuggle!!)  What have you stitched on this week?

Mary Huey

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