Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm retreating!!

Tomorrow begins one of my favorite weekends of the year!!  A retreat with 29 other quilters (most are former students) to piece and quilt and eat!!  We've been doing this for close to 10 years.  The sewing machine and all its little friends are sitting by the back door ready to jump into the car in the morning!!
I always take along more than I can possibly accomplish, but it would be awful to run out of things to do!?!  The clothes basket contains 4 small quilting projects (3 with a deadline), 2 half-finished piecing projects, 12 blocks ready to set together and a top ready for borders.   But that was half hour ago.

I went up to the sewing room to bring down the basket and (just in case) I added two bundles for Valentine pillowcases for my grands, one more small quilting project, and this really old large unfinished project that I don't like anymore -- goal with it isn't necessarily to finish it, but to at least make decisions about how to repurpose it and get it out of here!!!!

I think it's inspiring to work alongside a bunch of quilters -- see what they are doing, get new ideas, and soak up all their energy.  When I return home on Sunday afternoon, I hope to have 3 small quilts ready to bind and some significant progress made on the other projects plus some more yards to subtract from the stash tally!!!  I hope you get to sew this weekend, too!!

Mary Huey

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