Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A finishing flurry!!

Do you ever feel like you keep working and working and nothing gets done?  I do!  Perhaps it's because I have more than one oar out of the boat at a time?  But yesterday yielded the first finished project of 2012 with two more hot on it's heels!  And by the end of the day on Saturday, there will be 3 finished projects -- deadlines are my saviour!!  And here they are in the back of the car -- ready for the trip to Gettysburg!  The bottom one is a queen size version of my Sandstone pattern with a pair of matching pillowcases and all the leftover fabric (3 yards out of the stash!) in case my daughter wants to accessorize!?!  Nice strategy, don't you think?  The top one is the twin size black trains with orange sashing quilt for my grandson.  I'm still doing the hand stitching on the binding, but that will occupy my hands during the evenings while I'm visiting.

This finishing flurry has gotten the year off to a great start -- 21 3/4 yards out of the stash -- even I'm surprised!  My monthly average has to be 17.66666666 to meet the goal of 212 yards and it's only the 18th?!?  But I know at some point I'll get interrupted and so having a big start will be good.  I'm sure many of you have also discovered that pillowcases are an excellent way to burn through fabric fast!   A quilter told me last year that she used up 100 yards of her stash just doing pillowcases.  Never done it?  Joan Hawley's Lazy Girl blog has excellent instructions with clear photos --   Add to that, giving my daughter all the left over fabric from the quilt and it was an easy 5 yards out of the stash!!

I will be teaching on Friday at The Sew'n Place in Chambersburg, PA -- it's a lovely shop and I teach there when in Gettysburg.  This time I'm teaching a Civil War quilt workshop that I developed to teach this past summer during the Road to the Civil War week during the 2012 Chautauqua Institution season in New York State.  The project is a hand-pieced 9-patch similiar to what would have been a typical US Sanitary Commission donation and I share history about the efforts women made in the North and South to support their menfolk who were actively serving in the armies.  I have never been overly fond of the Civil War reproduction fabrics, but researching this class was so interesting that I have a different perspective on them.  It's a relaxing workshop and if your group is interested in hosting it, let me know!

Time to finish packing the car and get on the road!  Keep tackling your stash!!

Mary Huey

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