Mary's Workshops and Lectures

    These are full day workshops using Marti Michell's tools and templates that are available to guilds and shops -- for photos of a project, please contact me at

Antique Rose Star a beautiful hexagonal block made with one of the Kite and Crown sets

Baby Blocks for Beginners uses the Deluxe Trimmer and any rotary ruler for large scale blocks

Scrappy Tumbling Blocks working with the 2 1/2" Stripper Set and scrap swapping
Hexagon Playtime using any size hexagon template and your unique design
Diamond Stars Playtime using Set H to make a sampler of 6-pointed stars
The Nosegay Block working with Set E and the Multi-size Kite Tool

Piecing 8-pointed stars working with Set E
Mastering the Feathered Star working with Set O or P

Basics of the Kaleidoscope block working with the Kaleido-rulers
Playing with Jelly(rolls) ideas for the Stripper Template Set
Scrappy String Stars -- string piecing and y-seams techniques

Studying the Stars:  This two-day workshop is an expanded exploration of machine-piecing hexagonal blocks starts with the basic 6-pointed star and expands from there while building y-seam skills using Mary's chain-piecing technique. Feel free to choose a commercial pattern such as Lucy Carson Kingwell's "Smitten" or create a layout of your own. You will learn to mix and blend a wide variety of fabrics from your stash including how to manage stripes and directional fabrics, uncover fussy cutting gems, and create subtle secondary designs. Rotary cutting skills using templates and accurate piecing skills are prerequisites. Marti Michell's Templates Sets G ($26) or H ($20) are necessary and will be available for purchase during the workshop.

AN OLD DOG CAN LEARN NEW TRICKS!  This lecture reflects on how I've updated my quilting style in the past 5 years while striving to use my copious fabric stash and learn some new tricks from "modern" quilters.  Blogging and Instagram have introduced me to fresh ideas stimulating a new excitement about my work.  After all, isn't that why we quilt -- to have fun?

STEPS TO BETTER BINDINGS:  Recently a guild asked me to present a binding program during their monthly guild meeting and it turned out great.  So now you can request the same program.  Entering shows has challenged me to improve my technique and now I can share how to achieve square corners, hidden joining, and consistent results.  You'll enjoy binding more once you know these tips!

A UFO ASSAULT PLAN:    Unfinished projects are a common denominator for most quiltmakers and they can become a real burden, loading you down with guilt and keeping you from enjoying the process.  But I've discovered how to use them as a spring board for creativity and a source of fun by repurposing them!!  Want to hear more?

ADAPTING PATTERNS: While leading creativity-in-quiltmaking workshops, I've developed a questionnaire that is a valuable tool for quiltmakers to use to analyze their pattern choices.  As you recognize which elements draw you to patterns, you’ll begin to see design options beyond those on the pattern in front of you.  Learn to manipulate key elements to create more satisfying quiltmaking experiences, find ways to have your own preferences surface in your quiltmaking and explore ways to adjust values for a more pleasing effect.  Bring 2 or 3 favorite patterns to the lecture.

DISCOVERING THE KEYS TO YOUR CREATIVITY:   With over 35 years of experience under my belt as a quiltmaker, teacher, and shop owner, I've finally found my own style and creativity while still catering to the needs and interests of my students.  In this presentation, I share the results of my quest with ideas and steps you can take to access more creativity and satisfaction as a quilt maker.  Everyone is creative!

You have a favorite color, but you can’t just make blue quilts for the rest of your life.  In this lecture, I'll will share my experiences over a long career as a quilt maker, shop owner, and teacher that have built my color confidence.  Then I'll share ideas on how you can expand your own color confidence.  It’s not just about color “theory”; it’s about getting comfortable with your choices!  After all, you are making the quilt!

Not enough time for your quilt making?  Then you need to rethink your approach and develop a  new view of the activities involved in making a quilt.  Minimize inner debate and uncertainty, maximize your energy, take advantage of the little opportunities – these are just some of the topics I discuss as I share the keys to my productivity!

1 to 1 1/2 hours in length   $195
WORKSHOPS (Up to 15 Students): $225 Half Day ($15 for each additional student)
$400 Full Day ($25 for each additional student)
$700 Two Days ($40 for each additional student)
$50 non-refundable deposit required for workshops. 
EXPENSES:  Mileage is billed at 45¢ per mile if driving or cost of airfare.
Provide lodging and all meals for the duration of the visit.

I'm willing to stay in non-smoking homes with nice people and nice pets.  

Please contact me by email
 or by mail (4747 Maple St. Willoughby, OH 44094) with your requested program
and dates.

I'm also available to teach in shops!  Please contact me for pricing and product information.